Mark ‘Sparky’ Harding and Anne ‘Sprite’ Jeffery-Harding are an award winning, highly talented and experienced duo who sing songs from the 1940’s, 50’s & 60’s along with plenty of more modern tunes. They can adapt to most styles of popular music from Easy Listening/Swing to Rock & Roll to West End, dependent on what the client needs.

Performing at weddings, parties, vintage and corporate events around the country offering tailor made playlists for each show. Attention to detail and versatility shine through as every show has a unique slant, catering for the individual requirements of each client.

Sparky & Sprite are often asked to host a stage at an event as they stand out as local performers because of their charisma, showmanship to each performance, engaging with the audience and creating a fun atmosphere that is enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Sparky & Sprite are regularly involved with supporting a local charity, The Hummingbird Centre in Launton.

Mark and Anne are also one half of a multi-award winning 1940’s group called “Puttin’ on the Blitz!” Britain’s premier wartime barbershop quartet performing all your wartime favourites in four part harmony.

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