First off, we have to take a moment to discuss Sparky’s gig at the Royal Oak. It was a special night in that it was the Landlords birthday celebration and as usual it most certainly went down well. Many supporters came along for the ride from Bicester, as did the regulars from the pub and new faces arrived by word of mouth. A thoroughly wonderful night enjoyed by all – young and old. Yet another booking at this venue on October 31st speaks for itself!

In other news, Sparky has kindly offered his time to another charity event this time in Bewdley (near Kiddeminster). He will be performing alongside many acts starting at 12pm until 6pm. All in all this will be a spectacular event and your support will be well received by all.

Closer to home, Sparky will be performing at The Nightingale on Langford Village on October 25th from 8pm until late. This is one not to be missed. There are plenty of gigs to be confirmed so please check here for more details as it really is all happening and you hear it here first!!!