Bizarre but Brilliant!


Inflatable Guinness toys scattered around a busy pub where people are wearing silly hats and glasses can mean only one thing – St Patrick’s Day is being celebrated.  The pub was heaving, the football and rugby in full flow.  How was this gig going to pan out?  I guess there might have been some nerves from Mr Mark “Sparky” Harding, but it didn’t show at all.  Ever the professional, Sparky decided to go walk about whilst singing so he could interact with his audience.  This is the sort of touch that makes him unique.  He doesn’t confine himself to a stage he just moves about!

The crowd had the potential to be a tough one, but soon everyone got drawn into the set, singing and having a little dance here and there.  It was clear that Sparky oozes musicianship and charisma.  These two elements are a winning combination, there aren’t  many people in this business who have such natural flair, in fact it has been a long time since I have seen it.  I for one, could have happily listened all night, but football beckoned … even Sparky stops for Arsenal!

Thoroughly enjoyable – check out the video testimonials and the gallery whilst you’re here

Review by Jo